Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Get back to where you once belonged (and yo' mama, too)

I heard a story about a deported Mexican criminal on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday afternoon. Jorge Nunez was convicted of armed robbery (or something of that nature). Instead of serving his full prison term, he agreed to be deported back to Mexico in lieu of a deportation hearing. Sounds like quite a deal- he agrees to go back to Mexico (where he belongs, since he was an illegal immigrant in the first place) and he gets out of the remainder of his prison term. however, throughout the story, Jorge sounds as if his situation is not one of his choosing and making:

If I would have been released in Los Angeles and I would have been able to go home to my mom and to my family, I would have felt free. I would have felt like I got out and I went home.

Oh, you poor, poor dear! You don't feel "free" now that you've been released from prison! The fact is, if Jorge had been released in Los Angeles, he would have found himself free alright -free to resume living in crime, either as an illegal immigrant (illegal means illegal!) or, even worse, as an armed bandit -the very lifestyle that landed him in prison in the first place. And what a shame that poor Jorge's life has not been fully restored to the condition it was prior to the criminal conviction that landed him in prison! Hey amigo: those are called CONSEQUENCES! My bet is that the crime that put Jorge in prison was not the first of its sort from him, and that none of his victims were restored to the condition they were in prior to Jorge's invasion into their lives. So, for Jorge to wail about not being able to go back to the way things were before he was busted only makes him seem like a whining narcissist. He appears not to have given any or much thought to the gravity of his actions or the effects thay had on the lives of other people.

Later in the story poor little criminal Jorge says

There are so many families that are divided in two, and they can’t see each other. My mother’s still an illegal immigrant after twenty years of living over there, and I’m over here, and there’s no way that we’ll ever be able to see each other. Unless there is some kind of place where there is immunity, and families can come from both sides of the border. And there’d be no questions asked, like a building where you can hug and kiss and see each other and visit with each other.

But the fact of the matter is that they can see each other; there is a way that Jorge and his illegal immigrant mom can be reunited. Jorge's mama needs to go back to Mexico. There, Jorge's criminal mama can be with her criminal son, and they can hug and kiss to their hearts' delight.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

File under: OBVIOUS

Wow. Thank goodness they cleared this up.



Thursday, February 03, 2005

Toy Hostages

Remember the toy hostage picture from earlier this week? Farkers are doing their best at mocking the whole thing. My entry is the one with Hello Kitty... It's just about as realistic as the one the moslem terrorists dashed off...

A different kind of "fun"...

Only the thinnest-skinned among us could take offense at the comments of USMC Lt. Gen. James Mattis when he said recently that

"[in] Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't wear a veil.... You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."
Of course, the quibbling ninnies will pounce on this moment of blessed candor. They'll say (they are already saying) that this guy is a barbarian and is exactly what is wrong with America and so on. I have to disagree. The last thing I want to hear from a Marine Lieutenant General is how much he hates his job; the last thing I want to hear is how much he'd rather be sipping tea and playing pinochle while watching Oprah. If we're going to pay guys to break stuff and kill bad guys, I want guys like Mattis who say, "Hell yeah! I love it!" doing that job. It's not a job for pansies. And I feel confident that no one has ever called Mattis a pansy.

Public Service Announcement

Have you heard that more women are victims of domestic violence on Superbowl Sunday than at any other time during the year? If you have, get out your hip-waders, because someone has piled a mountain of bullsh*t on you. Christina Hoff Sommers debunked this piece of feminist mythology a long time ago, but it never hurts to read about it again.
The lesson here is not to believe what everything you hear,and to demand that grand claims be accompanied with even grander evidence.
This has been a public service announcement from the Digital Bower.

Arizona Sudatenland?

For those of you who don't know what Sudetenland means, I suggest you check the link before going any further. In short, he term Sudetenland can be used to refer to the maleficent usurpation of the territory of another sovereign power. In this case it may also have the flavor of irredentism. In any case-- I read recently that some Mexican cucaracha (Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez) has declared war on Arizona, Arizonans and the duly enacted laws of Arizona. Derbez aims to use international courts to invalidate the law that I and my fellow citizens enacted by way of a ballot initiative. Ok, so George Bush is willing to let the Mexican cucarachas infest my state and my city and my neighborhood, but I and my fellow Arizonans have a different idea about it -that's what Proposition 200 is all about. International courts have no truck with my state legislature, and Derbez would do well to bear that in mind.

American Girl and the Cangrejos* De Chicago

I am told of the behavior of crabs the following. When a number of crabs are caught in a trap (a "crab pot", they're called) inevitably they will try to escape. If one of the crabs manages to wrest itself from the crustacean tangle below and begin to escape, the other crabs will invariably pull the ambitious crab back down with them. Many would like to think that such behavior is animal behavior, and the same would aver that it bears little similarity to the behavior of humans. Cuium contrarium verum est: Of which the opposite is true. It seems that hispanics in Chicago resent the
American Girl doll for having left the dangerous, illegal-immigrant infested West Side for a better life in the suburbs. Heaven forbid that a hispanic child should play with a doll that had associated with it the notion of escape from a crime haven to a position of relative affluence... Nope, these cangrejos restrain their own kind like any other crab.

* p.s.: cangrejo is the Spainsh word for crab, if I'm neither mistaken nor misled.

Update: I see that Michelle Malkin has some susbstance on this tempest in a teapot.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?

Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times asks "what if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?" He is actually entertaining -albeit grudgingly- the possibility that the battle in Iraq might have been worth its cost. But just in case you thought that this liberal leopard had changed his spots, consider his closing comments:

Obviously, I'm still curious to see if Bush is willing to allow the Iraqis to install a government that is free to kick us out or to oppose our other foreign policy efforts in the region.
Changing the one-track liberal mind is like trying to steer a train. Note Brown's language: will Bush allow the Iraqis to install (not elect, mind you) a particular kind of government..? Ah: and the character of that government? Brown's criterion for a legitimate government -indeed, the sine qua non for the legitimacy of the whole Iraqi exercise- seems to ride on whether it will eventually lead to a vigorous opposition to American policy. So the only way this martial enterprise will have been "worth it" is if President Bush "allows" his foreign policy objectives in the Middle East to be confounded.
War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Add to those Orwellian phrases the latter-day liberal maxim: Failure is success.

Friday, January 28, 2005

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Narcissus learns a lesson [?]

A Wisconsin high-schooler is (we hope) learning an important lesson. The problem is that he's learning it not from his parents (who should have taught him this years earlier!). The lesson is that one can't always have everything, that one sometimes has to make a choice that precludes other possibilities. Peer Larson, the poor lad, should have been made to choose between his summer job as a camp counselor and the advanced placement precalculus classes at high school. You see, the two are not compatible (see the article). Instead of realizing that this was a one-or-the-other choice, Peer Larson has sought injunctive relief -he's suing to prevent the assignment of summer homework. Narcissus lives. The great thing about this situation is that it appears as if Larson is going to get his meritless lawsuit tossed out (with prejudice, I should hope) and he's also going to get socked for court fees.

In an earlier article (here) a stunning revelation is made:

[Larson's] summer vacation was stressful, he says, because he had to do math homework in addition to a summer job as a camp counselor that often exceeded 40 hours a week.
The horror! We also learned from the original article that
He says the whole experience ruined what was supposed to be an enjoyable summer break.

"It provided quite an amount of stress," Larson says. "I barely made the first assignment in on time."

Maybe I should sue this a$$hat for ruining my lunch hour...

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bowling for Elian

Trial Opens Over Raid on Elian Gonzalez

A total of 1 0 8 people are suing over this?! Somehow I get the feeling that these Cubanos are playing the Federal Lottery.
Also- I wonder what it portends that the judge's name is Michael Moore. Weird...

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

"Controversy"? That's putting it a bit mildly, I should think. Of course, all this this chimera business might explain some things that have been puzzling me for some time. Mike Tyson, for example.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Welcome to the Digital Bower!

Let me offer some explanation for the name. I spent some of the best, most interesting times of my life studying the behavior and brains of Australian bowerbirds. You've probably heard of them on one of those nature shows, one of those "animlas do the strangest things" kind of programs... What distinguishes these birds from all of their relatives is that they construct twig structures anad decorate them with all manner of trinkets and shiny bits. There is a randomness about the items they collect, but there are some stylistic common threads. For example, a certain kind of bowerbird will have flowers, bottle caps and clothespins in his bower; that's a random assemblage, you'd have to admit. But the common thread is that they are all blue (and they're all the same shade of blue, too).

My blog is the Homo sapiens version of the bower. Herein I assemble shiny bits of information that hang together with the randomness and commonality as do the walls and decorations of the bowerbird. Unlike the real bowerbird, I'm not trying to use this bower as an ultimate means of passing on genes. Rather, I'm using this digital bower to pass on memes.